Power Generation

Offering a range of comprehensive survival kits suitable for 72 hours survival and an integral part of of ensuring you and your loved ones are prepared in an emergency.

Survival, Pool Safety and First Aid Kits ideal for home, office, school and vehicle. Be prepared no matter where you are. 

A range of power banks and emergency power units.
  • E-Candy
    Plug-in and use , super Charging - It is amazing that you don't need any cables and wires! E-Candy are compatible with iPhone devices and Android devices as well as Headphones,Game pad,Camera etc....
    NZ$ 24.60 each
  • KBPB-P359 Solar Power Bank
    Top Grade-A Lithium-Ion Polymer Battery. 10000mAh waterproof solar power bank
    NZ$ 67.05 each
  • Portable 20000mAh Power Bank Charger for Smartphones
    Top Grade-A Lithium-Ion Polymer Battery. Large 20000mAh True Capacity is enough energy to recharge any Apple or Samsung phone more than 4X.
    NZ$ 62.58 each
  • 20000mah power supply dual usb with lcd dispay rechargeable battery universal charger with 2 x USB outputs, 1.0A and 2.1A
    NZ$ 56.87 each

Disaster Management Solutions is proud to be the Authorized Dealer of Safety Turtle 2.0 in New Zealand!