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Pool safety products.

Is pool safety important to you?

With the recent number of incidents around the home swimming pool we at Disaster Management Solutions have released a new product in New Zealand, Safety Turtle 2.0, in the hope that we can assist parents and caregivers in making sure children are safe around home swimming pools and spas. The device will be an indispensable tool that will ease the stress and worry when looking after children. We all know how difficult this can be as we cannot have them in our sights constantly.

While some pool alarms can be turned off, or not recognize a child slowly walking into the pool. The only solution on the market is Safety Turtle 2.0 Pool Alarm.  The “fun to wear” Turtle wristband will trigger the “always ready” system as soon as they get that wrist wet! Even if they just sit on the edge and put that arm in to play with a floating toy…you’ll know!

It’s simple, reliable and easy to use! You can have as many wristbands as needed (for guests)…and your pets can utilize the very same system. The family dog wears a Turtle attached by a pet adapter, onto his collar.  The kids and family pets can all be on the same system. Place the base in a window where it can see the pool...must be direct line of sight and it has a 200' range.

The best part is you can take it with you if you visit a friend with a pool. There is no programming or wiring….just plug in and you’re ready! No size or weight limitations like other pool alarms.

Be water safe!

Replacement straps for children and pets(excludes Green Turtle transmitter), key for wristband and base stations available on request. Please contact us for more info and pricing.

Disaster Management Solutions is proud to be the Authorized Dealer of Safety Turtle 2.0 in New Zealand!