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Portable power bank

*Offer valid for the KBPB-E003 model only and when purchased in conjunction with any of our survival kits.
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Are you and your family ready in the event of a disaster?

Disaster Management Solutions (DMS) is a New Zealand owned, solutions based disaster preparedness division of Global Retail NZ Ltd. We take the safety of all Kiwis seriously and are committed to offering quality products and expert advice.

DMS offers a range of comprehensive outdoor survival kits, emergency shelter unitspool safety products, portable power and first aid kits that are geared toward preparing the Kiwi family for any natural disaster. With earthquakes, tsunamis, fire, flood and volcanic eruptions being the imminent dangers faced by everyday Kiwi's, not having the right gear can be fatal. When faced with a situation where you are forced to evacuate your home being prepared is the best way of ensuring you and your family get through those first crucial 72 hours following an event, while waiting for help or assistance to arrive.

We as an organised society tend to expect our government, council or civil defense organisations to react immediately. But we must remember the logistics involved as well the fact that we're not the only ones affected will ultimately determine the response times as there may be hundreds if not thousands affected by a disaster. There may also be significant damage to infrastructure and support systems that will impact response times. So while natural disasters are out of our control being prepared isn't.

Besides natural disasters, these kits are also useful in other scenarios as well and suitable for hikers, trampers, hunters and campers. Due to the popularity of hiking, mountaineering, skiing and camping, New Zealand has a high rate of incidence out in the bush or mountains every year where people have gotten lost or seperated from a group while out and about. In most cases the victims have been unprepared or have underestimated nature and weather conditions. A survival kit in a situation like this would be life saving as it contains sufficient water and sustinance to make the ordeal both bearable and survivable.

Are You and Your family ready in the event a disaster strikes?

Are YOU prepared?

Do you know when an emergency is in progress?

The alarm will sound on your local radio station.

Are you familiar with the Civil Defence emergency alert sound/alarm?

Click the icon below to play sound. Link to http://www.getthru.govt.nz/

Civil defense emergency alarm

Disaster Management Solutions is proud to be the Authorized Dealer of Safety Turtle 2.0 in New Zealand!                                

Pool safety device